Detailed GUI design - even after project completion

Designing an attractive GUI design is one thing to realize this in detail is another. In order to make sure that a pure product vision becomes a real and convincing user interface in detail, we support you with the optimal mix of tools and methods. Our philosophy is:"As much as necessary and as little as possible". We want to use the available time as efficiently as possible. This includes the creation of informal specification documents or directly usable GUI modules.

For example, if you distribute software based on Java Swing or JavaFX, we can provide you with the results of our GUI redesign as a Java-compliant look & feel, which can be smoothly integrated into your application. Similar for WPF based Smart Clients or Rich Internet Applications: We create a complete GUI theme with all necessary resources and templates in XAML format. A pleasure for your developers, who can focus on their actual tasks. The quality of your software increases without you having to employ a single additional person for quality assurance.


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