Java EE - the flexible platform for your business applications


When it comes to the development of individual business applications based on the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Samprex e.K. is the right partner: We realize turn-key Java EE projects for our customers - from the conception of the software architecture to the implementation of the complete application.

Since the establishment of the standard, the specialists at Samprex e.K. have been dealing with the possibilities of Java EE and are known for their numerous projects, publications and lectures on the market. Our developers are just as familiar with the current Java Enterprise Edition 7 as they are with the different Java application servers. Depending on the requirements, our projects use commercial application servers such as Oracle WebLogic or open source variants such as JBoss/WildFly or GlassFish. 

Solutions for the most demanding requirements

Samprex e.K. has extensive experience in building high-performance software architectures. For Bosch, for example, we have developed and set up a Unified Communications platform for Bosch that is designed for several million users. With a self-developed test framework based on Java EE, we are able to carry out fully automated integration tests in complex system environments. And you can also count on ConSol during operation: We offer you powerful tools to monitor the availability and performance of your Java EE applications.

What isJava EE?

Java Enterprise Edition, or Java EE for short, is a collection of standards to facilitate the creation of enterprise applications. Enterprise applications handle concrete business processes. An application is called a Java EE application if it makes use of the associated standards. We use Java EE to program your software solution according to Java EE standards and we also use a necessary Java EE application server.

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