Embedded Hardware Development

As a full-service provider for customer-specific communication solutions, we offer hardware solutions tailored to your requirements. In the simplest case, this can be the adaptation of our products, e. g. the adaptation of the dimensions of a printed circuit board for better integration into your customer-specific system. We also offer the complete new development of a communication solution to make your product suitable for one of the PROFIBUS, HART or similar fieldbuses. to do. Typical services in the hardware sector include circuit diagram development, PCB layout design and prototyping. Of course, we can also take over the production for you after completion of the development.

For the integration of devices into fieldbus systems, we offer support in realizing the firmware. We are happy to port our protocol stacks for e. g. PROFIBUS or HART to your target platform. Typical services include the definition of the interface between the communication stack and your application layer as well as the implementation of the protocol stack. Due to our many years of experience in the development of protocol stacks, we can also support you in the definition and implementation of your own protocol stacks.

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